The revised Payment Services Directive – PSD2


In November 2015, the European Banking Authority issued the revised Payment Services Directive (EU 2015/2366, also known as PSD2). PSD2 mandates banks, upon customer consent, to allow Third Party Providers (TPPs) access to online accessible bank accounts (XS2A) for initiating payments and accessing account information.

More precisely, PSD2 and EBA RTS require banks to offer at least one interface to TPPs, and contain a number of requirements in relation to this interface. Banks have the option of allowing TPPs to use the bank’s existing online customer interface which would then need to be upgraded in order to integrate identification of TPPs, or providing a dedicated interface for TPPs. EBA RTS Art. 32 sets out the requirements for such a dedicated interface.

Therefore, Agram banka has decided to provision dedicated API interface to TPPs.

The PSD2 was implemented into the Croatian legislation by local transposition law: “Zakon o platnom prometu” (ZPP), published in the official gazette 66/2018 on the 20th of July 2018.

As a member of Croatian Banking Association (CBA), Agram banka has joined initiative to develop standardized API (Application Programming Interface) in relation to Third Party Providers (TPPs).

In 2017, all members of the CBA have recognized the Berlin Group as an initiative that could bring missing common API standard among credit institutions in Europe.

In September 2017, Croatian Banking Association joined Berlin Group, and continued to contribute in defining some specific requirements for Croatian market.


As a member of Croatian Banking Association which is a member of Berlin Group, fundamental documentation related to PSD2 API in Agram banka is NextGenPSD2 documentation. CBA PSD2 documentation arises from NextGenPSD2 API documentation and Agram banka documentation follows standard of NextGenPSD2 and CBA PSD2.

Some documents and manuals will be published only in English language due to industry standard, simplicity and our effort and willingness to avoid errors.

Agram banka PSD2 API documentation can be divided into three hierarchical sections:

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